Singapore 9/6/2020


Sewer Essen 25/05/2020

Right at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic crisis Rental Pumps was working in Singapore. Rental Pumps was selected to deliver an electrical driven pump installation used for a wave overtopping test.

At the top of a 6 meter test dike a 13 meter high wave overtopping machine was built to simulate the worst case scenario waves possible. Over 1500m³/hr. was pumped into the wave overtopping machine. After only a few tests the site was closed due to the rapidly expanding Covid19 virus.

All personal returned safely and all equipment was left behind awaiting further developments.
  In the German city of Essen the outdated sewer system is undergoing reconstruction. It´s hard to imagine but the system still consisted partially out of open system parts and discharged the overflow directly into the river Emscher.

For over a century, cities and companies have been dumping waste into the Emscher river which was considered the foulest river in Europe. This massive project is bringing life back to Europe's dirtiest river and diverting the sewage into an ultra-modern, underground drain. Rental Pumps delivered two temporary pumping solutions of 800l/sec and 1200l/sec. to bypass vital parts of the sewer system. 

Water intake inspection 19/05/2020


New Pumps 7/5/2020

Most large industrial companies located close to the sea use seawater for cooling purposes. These cooling water intakes need to be inspected on a regular base.

Due to the depth of around 15 meter Rental Pumps installed two 15kW submersible pumps to drain out the intakes at a rate of 200m3/hr. And as a bonus we even encountered a curious amphibious visitor during the startup of the project.
  Even in these uncertain times rental pumps keeps investing in new pumping equipment. Final works are being carried out to the latest additions to the rental fleet.

The sound attenuated canopies house a 37kW electrical driven pump and can be used in dense populated areas. The sewage water pumps are self-priming by means of a separate vacuum pump and are frequency controlled for optimum flow control. By combining several well-known components we are creating unprecedented high standard pumps

Temporary sewage water pumps 28/4/2020


Laboratory 14/4/2020

Recently Rental Pumps Belgium delivered a temporary sewage water pump station in their hometown Dendermonde. Two pumps in serial set-up were need to achieve the requested duty point of 2000m3/hr. at 3bar.

Both electrical driven pumps are frequency controlled in order to optimize maximum flow control. The steel discharge piping has a diameter of 400mm and is equipped with Victaulic couplings instead of a standard flanged system.
This type of discharge piping is cost effective to install both in time and the lack of consumables
  Early this year we had the privilege of delivering a double pump set up in a water laboratory. In this laboratory offshore equipment is scale tested in a controlled environment.

The two 160kW electric motors both powered different pumps, high output x low pressure and medium output with high pressure. Both pumps are operated by a frequency controller and the output is monitored with calibrated electronic flowmeters.

Rozenburg lock 6/4/2020


Early morning test 23/3/2020

This weekend Rental Pumps had a small but vital part in the transport and placement of a new bridge at the Rozenburg lock complex.

The new bridge “drove” over a temporary floating pontoon to the other side of the lock. Our job was to maintain the water level in the lock. By doing so the bridge could safely travel across the lock to the final location.

The Port of Rotterdam also shared a small clip of this impressive job.
  Due to the corona virus our pump engineers work in shifts to optimize social distance. This way we hope to ensure the health of our co-workers because pumps are still needed in many applications. Getting the pumps ready before renting them out requires, amongst many other things, a functional test run.

A scenic clip of an early morning test run at the rental pumps testing facility.

Saving the "beekprik" 10/10/2019


Canakkale Bridge 4/10/2019

It is hard to imagine with the heavy rain from the past weeks but the ground water level is still too low in some parts of the Netherlands. Rental Pumps supplied various pumps ranging from big to small in order to bring water to the endangered dry areas. At this small stream the eco-system is in such great danger that extinction threatens the rare and prehistoric “beekprik” (lampetra planeri). Rental Pumps is proud to be actively contributing to the rescue of this endangered species.   Between the Turkish cities of Gallipoli (Europe) and Lapseki (Asia) the “Canakkale 1915 Bridge” is under construction. With a main span of 2023 meter the bridge will become the longest suspension bridge in the world. Rental Pumps supplied pumps and engineers during several aspects of the build so far and one of them was a ballasting operation during a float over of two “Tie-Beams” (yellow structures) of around 3800mt. each. The “Tie Beams” sailed across the Dardanelles strait to its final position between two concrete structures where they will act as work platforms and as base for a temporary crane used during the construction of the bridge.

Working together 30/9/2019


City heating 10/9/2019

During the final commissioning of an offshore topside construction there are many tests to perform. One of them is the testing of the sprinkler firefighting system. Rental Pumps delivered and installed the pumping equipment and our partner All Liquids Piping delivered the 2 x 70m³ mobile storage tanks.   2 x 450kW diesel powered pumps were installed in the Amsterdam area for a long-term rental project. The pumps were installed in a city heating system and remotely controlled by the clients system. Combined the pumps have an output of well over 2400m³/hr. at 12Bars. During the project Rental Pumps periodically maintained and inspected the system. The fuel tank was delivered with an Iot system which daily reported the fuel level.

Rozenburg lock 26/8/2019


Kaiserschleusse 21/8/2019

Recently Rental Pumps designed, transported, installed and operated a large temporary pumping installation at the Rozenburg lock system in Rotterdam. The pumping installation is capable of pumping more than 15.000m³/hr. of water at 11meter of vertical lift and was used for three individual maritime operations. Rental Pumps is the go-to supplier when it comes to delivering temporary pumping equipment used for ballasting operations. In this particular case we did not ballast a barge but raised a complete loaded barge to it’s desired height by filling a closed lock system. These ballasting operations are always time demanding and it’s good to know that all three operations went according to plan and on schedule.   During maintenance on the door system of the “Kaiserschleusse” lock in Bremerhaven Germany the lock needed to be emptied out. With a discharging height of well over 20 meters and ….tons of sand this was quiet the challenge. The job consisted out of quickly emptying out the lock system with a +1200m³/hr. pumping system to create a watertight seal of the lock doors. Once emptied out, four smaller pumps took over and handled the leakage water seeping in. Also installed is a backup filling pump, so in case of an emergency over 500m³/hr. can be pumped back into the lock system.

Hose Saver 11/6/2019


Service 23/5/2019

During ballast operations one of the biggest annoyances is the nodding of suction hoses over the edge of the manhole. Nodding causes not only damage to the hoses but it also results in a reduced capacity and abnormal suction loss. This morning we delivered a novelty piece of equipment for a practical test during an actual load-out. The hose saver is designed to carefully guide the suction hose into the manhole without the risk of nodding. Besides the hose saver 8 Pieces BBA BA150E were loaded together with the auxiliary equipment, all nicely packed in transport crates, ready for an overseas ballasting operation.   Rental Pumps is expanding her fleet of service vehicle’s with this brand new Nissan NV300 service Van and trailer. The Nissan NV300 service vehicle is fully equipped with plenty of storage and a mobile workshop. We keep improving our service level so you can get the best possible service experience.

24/7 8/5/2019


Ready 30/04/2019

In need of pumping equipment after closing time? No problem for the Rental Pumps team with our 24/7 service and reliable partners.   8 of our 6" diesel driven pumps ready for transport!

Pumping hot water 3/12/2018


Tank test 30/11/2018

In the central part of Germany, Rental Pumps provided a 100% redundant industrial heating pumping solution. Both 110kW electrical powered, variable frequency driven pumps are capable of pumping well over 230m³/hr. at 10Bar. The Cornel 4HC pumps and certified flexible stainless steel hoses are all capable of withstanding water temperatures up to +120°C. Due to the use of the variable frequency drives the pumps were automatically operated by the client’s input signal.   Following completion of new storage tanks, one of the final mechanical tests recommended is a hydrostatic test. The tank is filled with water at a prescribed rate and then examined after 24 hours to ensure there are no cracks, pinholes, or other discontinuities in the welds. The second purpose of the test is to confirm the mechanical strength of the tank. The final, and most critical observation made during a hydrostatic test is the integrity of the foundation that supports it. A failure in the foundation is one of the leading causes for tank damage. Rental Pumps supplies pumps and accessories for these tests year round for a variety of clients in the (chemical) industry and LNG sector.

By-pass solution 15/11/2018


Ballast Pump 24/10/2018

A municipal pumping station faced a problem with one of their two main pumps and needed a temporary solution in order to make the necessary repair. Rental Pumps was contacted and was awarded the order to design, transport and construct a temporary by-pass pumping solution. We installed two 132kW electrical driven submersible pumps with a combined output of more than 2m3/sec at 6 meters vertical lift. The pumps were also connected to the local variable frequency drives making it a fully integrated automatic operational system.   The silent witnesses of an excellent executed pontoon ballasting operation in the Rotterdam area. The heavy lift and transport sector is a very (time) demanding environment. With our vast ballasting experience, skilled engineers and well equipped rental fleet it’s good to know that you can count on Rental Pumps when you need to.

Deep trenching 11/10/2018


German pumping station 8/10/2018

Ready for delivery, 3 x Toyo DP30F in custom lifting frame especially designed for deep trenching slurry wall operations. Slurry walls are deep wall structures made of concrete, reinforced concrete or a binding agent in the building ground. A support fluid, usually a bentonite suspension, prevents the soil around the trenches from caving in. The Toyo DP30 ‘s are capable of pumping 90m³/hr. x 30meters lift and will be used to pump out the support fluid towards a recycle unit. The support fluid is simultaneously replaced by e.g. concrete after the final depth has been reached.   The stand-by pumps of a 30 years old German municipal stormwater pumping station were outdated. These old pumps where located in the cellar of the pumping station and driven by a diesel engine because of limited electrical power. 30 years of stand-by with hardly any use took their toll and the main back up pump needed immediate replacement. Rental Pumps installed a custom made electrical driven pumping solution with a combined duty-point of 1000m³/hr. x 6meters lift.

Dry Dock Malta1/10/2018


Sea locks IJmuiden 25/09/2018

Rental Pumps delivered, installed and commissioned an electrical pumping solution to the Republic of Malta. One of the largest offshore hubs in the Mediterranean Sea is located on Malta’s main Island Malta. Besides a wide variety of services for the offshore industry, the offshore hub also facilitates a shipyard with a dry dock. Due to circumstances the shipyard was unable to empty out the dry dock by using the local system. With over 10.000m³/hr. of pumping power installed, the aim for the Rental Pumps team was to empty out the main dry dock as quickly as possible. The goal was achieved on time and our customer was able to carry out their works as scheduled.   After almost 100 years in operation, the northern sea locks in IJmuiden will be replaced with a new, larger lock system to improve the accessibility of the port of Amsterdam. During routine inspection of the southern sea locks, it seemed that parts of the construction where worn out. In order to access the problem and make the necessary repair a mobile cofferdam was constructed. The aim was to empty out the cofferdam as quickly as possible as surrounding water would press the cofferdam towards the key side making a watertight seal. More than 3000m³/hr. pumping power was installed to empty out the cofferdam as quickly as possible. Once emptied out, submersible pumps were installed to pump out water seeping through the seals so that our customer could start the repair.

Extreme Drought 4/09/2018


Partners 26/07/2018

Usually the pump rental business is about getting rid of excess water, bypassing water, using water as a tool or getting water into different industrial on-, and offshore applications. It’s very seldom that we provide pumping equipment to deliver water as a necessity for underlaying agriculture areas. Due to the prolonged extreme drought in central Europe, Rental Pumps delivered a wide variety of pumping equipment. Keeping canals, ditches and streams up to level with small and big pumps kept us busy these past months. Here we showcase a 1000m3/hr. diesel driven pump with large external fuel tank for long autonomous operation. The pump unit is also equipped with a remote monitoring and alarm system.   At the VU Amsterdam University a newly build part of the central heating system needed flushing and filling with demineralized water. Rentalpumps together with All-liquids-piping delivered and installed a 250m³/hr at 12Bar diesel driven pump, certified hoses, filtration units and mobile storage tanks. Once again a nice example of the synergy between the partners of the rentalpumpsgroup.

Temporary pumps 5/06/2018


Fire 19/06/2018

Due to an unforeseen event the storm water pumps at a municipal pump location were out of order. The pump station covers a large agriculture area and because of the heavy rainfall is an immediate risk of flooding. Two brand new “out of the box” vacuum assisted BBA BA150E with VFD drive combined with two booster pumps are capable of pumping 2 x 750m3/hr. at a discharge pressure of well over 30 meters. The VFD’s combined with pressure transducers makes the temporary pump-station fully automatic and is also equipped with an alarm control unit.   It can be hard to explain to relatives what pump rental really means and in what line of field we are actually operating. The locations and applications where a pump is required even keeps us surprised at times. Here we showcase two 160kW diesel engines in the range of 130m3/hr x 13Bar to 350m3/hr at 5Bar being deployed at a testing facility in Spain. This testing facility is equipped with a full scale tunnel model were fire and ventilation situations are being simulated. Our pumps were used to feed a specific piping network inside the tunnel. This network is equipped with different nozzle’s that create a mist which is intended to rapidly kill a fire

Unexpected visitor 2/05/2018


New order 17/05/2018

In the early hours during an offshore decommissioning project we welcomed an unexpected visitor. A common grey harbor seal found a perfect spot for a nice sunbathing session.  Two 65Kw submersible pumps are discharging well over 600m³/hr. up to a 30 meter elevated platform. On the platform a diesel driven booster pump was installed to boost the 600m³/hr. to 11Bar. All equipment was delivered in DNV certified lifting frames and were inspected by a third party prior to delivery.   One of the largest Belgium contractors for international pipeline projects recently acquired 5 new pumps. Rental Pumps Belgium (BBA dealer Belgium) was granted the order for 5 x BBA B100K with Hatz DriveOn® engines. The B100K is a dry self-priming multipurpose sewage and dewatering pump. With a solids handling of 82mm there is no risk of clogging even in the dirtiest sewage systems. The high-end sound attenuated canopy allow the pumps to be used in dense populated areas. And off course the pumps were delivered in the custom company colours.

BBA BA150E 22/02/2018


Low temperature 7/03/2018

With our well-equipped 4x4 service vehicles we can reach any remote and/or inaccessible location ourselves. Here our service team makes a special delivery right to where the equipment is needed. Needless to say we assisted in the install of this 6” BBA BA150E diesel driven pump. Nice, quick and easy!   Harsh low temperature conditions last week during offshore trials. While looking very frosty on the outside, the pump is still functional. Even though temperatures are rising again, always be on the lookout for frost damage. There are two options to prevent frost damage, drain the pumps or keep them running!

Keep it dry 8/02/2018


Maintenance 1/02/2018

Shipping is one of the main ways of transportation in Europe. In order to accommodate Vb class ships (190 meter long x 11,4meter wide) the so called  “Maasroute” needed attention.  Along the entire route there are several sections that are too narrow for these ships and therefor need broadening.   Here we showcase one of our 6” diesel driven BBA BA150E pumps keeping the work area inside the cofferdam safe and dry.  The work area (over 300 meters) is located well over six meters below the level of the canal. Because of this potential danger the pump is equipped with an SMS alarm module as well as an acoustic signal. In case of malfunction of the pump or access waterflow all whistles go off to notify the workers inside the cofferdam.   In a German stone quarry a diesel driven pressure pump is used to discharge the rainwater from a 14km2 area.  The 160kW diesel driven pump is capable of pumping well over 200m³/hr. at 125meters lift. Here our engineers are performing a routine maintenance check of the equipment. With our well-equipped off the road service vehicles we are able to service our and your equipment anywhere everywhere.

140kW Sulzer XFP 12/01/2018


On the shore of Calais 15/12/2017

In the municipal water treatment facility in the town of Hamme Belgium, the storm water pumps were outdated and in poor condition. Rental Pumps Belgium was contacted to supply a temporary pump station capable of pumping 2m³/sec. over 360 meter distance. One of the difficulties was to install the 1000mm diameter steel discharge line through rough and almost inaccessible terrain. The 140kW Sulzer XFP pump was equipped with a frequency converter for automated operations. After a short installation time the treatment facility was again ready for the worst possible weather.   On the shores of the beaches in Calais France, our equipment is used at several reclamation projects. This sound attenuated diesel driven high-pressure pump is feeding the Hydraulic Vibroflot crane in the background. Hydraulic Vibroflot is a soil compacting method often used in reclamation projects. Our pump is capable of pumping 250 m³/hr. at 8 bar and gets it’s water from our other pumps that are located kilometres away.


New bridge 1/12/2017





"New" Pump 23/11/2017

It’s always an impressive sight to see a new bridge being transported towards its permanent location. But when you take the dimensions of 170 x 15 x 29 meters and a weight of more than 3000ton into consideration it’s even more impressive. Rental Pumps supplied the ballasting system for the final leg of the operation, the travers over the canal and the final positioning of the bridge. The ballasting system consisted out of a total of 8 diesel driven pumps ranging from 250m³/hr. to 400m³/hr. and were used on the barge as can be seen in the time-lapse video.   Rental Pumps can be your partner for pump repair, routine maintenance, and complete pump overhaul. Being brand-independently we service all kind of pumps in our professional and well-equipped workshops. As specialists, we know how a fleet of pumps should be maintained and repaired as efficiently as possible. The “before and after” picture is from a 110kW high head SS316 pump that is completely overhauled. The pump is also fitted with the proper SS316 reducers to meet customers’ requirements. Next week the pump will be installed for a 12-month rental period at a large industrial refinery.


Save the fish 10/11/2017


Rental Pumps in Spain 16/11/2017

Today we received an unusual environmental emergency call out from the local authorities of the picturesque town of Woudrichem. In one of the many ponds and moats the fish were close to dying due to a low oxygen level in the water. When the oxygen level is critically low, the fish come to the surface and literally gasp for air. Rental Pumps delivered and installed a diesel driven high-pressure pump capable of pumping 130m³/hr. at 6Bar. By discharging the water with force into the air, oxygen is being brought back into the water. Luckily this unusual use of our equipment gave immediate result and saved the fish from dying.   At Rental Pumps we deliver direct pumping solutions throughout Europe. In the beautiful town of Bilbao Spain, Rental Pumps performed yet another large ballasting operation. Our ballast engineers were on site for the preparations and operation of a mobile ballasting system. The system consisted of no less than 14 pumps, all capable of pumping 400m³/hr maximum. The cargo consisted of various offshore sub-station components. Due to the odd sizing, local bad weather and rapid tidal changes this was once again a challenging job. Needless to say, we concluded this job safely and on time!

ATEX part 2 6/10/2017


Working together 2/11/2017

At the Pumps & Valves fair from 4-5 October we proudly introduced our latest addition to the ATEX pumping equipment range. The stainless-steel 4” BBA B100 self-priming waste water pump comes with full ATEX zone 1 certification on the pump-unit with additional safety features for guarding e.g. bearing temperature, mechanical seal failure, fluid temperature, pump case fluid level etc. These details make the units unique in the pump rental market. Often seen in the market is a certification on part level instead of per complete unit or a lack of important safety features. All stainless-steel pumps have Viton elastomers and non-static hoses, suitable for a variety of chemical polluted fluids. Due to the above-mentioned features and obvious build quality we received very good feedback from the expert visitors during the fair.
  Pipelines are regularly cleaned to ensure that operators can maintain their product specifications. The results off the pipeline cleaning techniques are evident from internal pipeline inspections, improved product quality and increased flow rates. Rental Pumps, her partner All Liquids Piping and Spill Control Rental delivered a complete pumping station which consisted out of pumps, certified piping and hoses, fuel tanks, storage tanks, filtration units and spill containment systems.   This synergetic solution is capable of safely pumping 200m³/hr. at 38Bar through the 60-kilometer-long 10” pipeline to get the inspection pig from A to B. Nice detail: the starting point is in Belgium and the receiving end is in the Netherlands.

Routine maintenance 20/03/2017


Welcome at the fair 5/10/2017

The Rental Pumps service team is on site for routine maintenance. With our well-equipped service vehicles, we can service and maintain our equipment on any location nationwide. It is obvious that the contractor can book this service for his own equipment too. Here we showcase the 4” BBA BA100K diesel driven wastewater pump in sound attenuated canopy. Because of its excellent sound attenuation, the pump can easily be used in dense populated areas.   Rental Pumps at boot K107 in AHOY Rotterdam. A succesful fair where we were able to meet our customers.

Precious Cargo 11/07/2017


Challenging Job 7/08/2017

Once again, the Rental Pumps ballast pumps in action! This time, 6 diesel driven BBA BA150E pumps were put into action to assist in the transportation of a precious cargo. By pumping water out of the floating barge, it can be raised in order to handle the increased load of the cargo while it’s entering the barge. Several large Dutch heavy lift transportation companies rely time and time again on the quality and expertise of Rental Pumps.   It’s a known fact that Rental Pumps is the preferred rental company for ballasting operations. Below we highlight one of the biggest ballasting operations we have done so far. The aim was to load not one, but two offshore jackets in a 12-days period with a restricted time frame of only 4 days between the two. We advised, transported and installed well over 20.000 m3/hr. pumping power in a demanding environment with tight time schedules and limited space. All jackets where loaded onto their barges in time and all demands were met. A “big thank you” to all parties involved for this challenging job.

Accessoiries 14/06/2017


Grand Opening 24/06/2017

Amongst pump and the accessories rental business Rental Pumps can also be your partner for the not so every day orders. Here we are in the finalizing stage of the assembly of in total 30 uncommon quickcoupling reducer pieces. Our client (general construction) is using the reducers in a complex pipe network with a lot of bypass possibilities for a bentonite pumping system.   We are proud to announce that since last month the Belgium branch of the Rental Pumps Group has finally put their new office location into use. With a spectacular 2-day grand opening-event our customers, suppliers, employees, family and friends were invited to inspect the new location. With over 500m² of office space, 1200m² workshop and well over 5000m² outdoor storage yard Rental Pumps Belgium is ready for the future. The entire complex is built to the highest ecological standard using sustainable materials and techniques.

High speed service 20/03/2017


New Atex equipment 8/01/2017

On a random Thursday at 14:00 PM the operators of a medium sized municipal treatment plant noticed a failure in their main-pump. The pump had to be replaced but no spare pump was at hand. At 15:00 PM a Rental Pumps representative was on site to discuss the possibilities. Minimum 750 m3/h, Maximum 22kW, limited space, predefined flange connections and last but not least: ASAP!
Our engineers installed a temporary rental pump and the treatment plant was up and running in no time. A textbook example of the Rental Pumps service.
  The demand for special and high-end equipment is growing fast over the last few years. To meet the requirements of our customers the Rental Pumps Group invested in ATEX certified electrical driven submersible pumps. All equipment comes complete with full ATEX certification on pumps, switchboards, cables, floats and plugs.
Pumps are suitable for use in mining, oil and gas and industrial enviroments. All applications were the operations demand intrinsically safe equipment.

Toyo order 20/10/2016


One stop shop 16/11/2016

Toyo dealer Rental Pumps Belgium was awarded a big order for wear proof pumping equipment. The order consisted out of extra heavy duty DP, heavy duty GR submersible pumps and VH booster pumps. A sub-division of de renowned Jan de Nul Group that specializes in deep trench excavation placed the order. During the deep trench excavation works, the trenches are filled with a water/bentonite mixture to prevent collapsing of the trench. This abrasive mixture needs to be pumped to and from different trenches and recycling units. Because of the wear proof characteristics these pumps are the best choice for this application.   At a plastic injection molding factory, the fire-fighting storage tank was in need of maintenance. Rental Pumps supplied an electric driven fire-fight pump and our partner All Liquids Piping provided a 70m³ temporary liquid storage tank. The system is monitored by Rental Pumps telemetry with an auto start function, the pump will start in case there is a need for firewater. A perfect example of the synergy of the Rental Pumps Group; pumps, pipe systems and storage tanks. A true one stop shop.


Offshore job 7/09/2016


Petrochemical plant 16/08/2016

Rental Pumps is an important supplier to the offshore industries. That's a well known fact. Here we showcase a successful executed rental job in an extraordinary offshore surrounding. For the Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit Rental Pumps was selected to assist in the engineering, selecting and delivery of the pumping equipment used for the harbor trials and offshore trails. On a side note, in 2014 Rental Pumps rented out pumping equipment for the testing and commissioning of the hydraulic lifting beams, and in 2015 we delivered on numerous occasions the needed heavy lifting ballasting equipment for the outfitting of the vessel.



At a large petrochemical plant, a storage tank needed urgent maintenance. Large quantities of sediment inside the tank caused the entire system to malfunction. Our client, an industrial cleaner, had a bald idea to hot-tap the storage tank and install a 240kW diesel driven pump to get the job done. The pump, capable of pumping 600m³/Hr. x 10Bar, stirred up the sediment so it could be pumped out to a nearby treatment facility. Our pump ran continuously 24/7 for a period of 4 months, needless to say it ran without any problem.


Always at your service 20/06/2016


Ready to return 13/06/2016

We are proud to introduce to you the Rental Pumps Netherlands service team. The silent heroes who on a day to day base make the impossible possible. Our service team takes pride and joy in their work and are responsible for the excellent technical condition of our equipment. Whenever your rented pump is running smooth again - got the job done the first time or helped you catch that important deadline - you know whom to thank!



After another successful job our equipment is ready to return to our head office. The equipment was used in a ballast/transport operation of the topside offshore structure in the background of the picture. A total of 9 diesel driven pumps of each 250m³/hr. were delivered to the shipyard where the topside structure was constructed. Our equipment was used for the transfer from the production facility onto the floating barge for further transport to its final destination.


Stone Quarry 29/04/2016



Dutch scenery 21/02/2016

A German stone quarry needed to discharge a large amount of water from their worksite. The water, partial ground water, but mostly rainwater is collected at the deepest point of the quarry. Due to the large depth of over 100 meters a high pressure pump was needed to pump out the water to a nearby river. Here we showcase one of our diesel driven pumps capable of pumping out 300m³/hr. at 120mwc. Rental Pumps arranged the transportation to the site and our experienced service team maintained the equipment on site.



In this Dutch scenery Rental Pumps transported, installed, commissioned and maintained an electrical driven temporary pump station of 2400m³/hr. x 4 mtr lift. The temporary pump station is bypassing an outdated pump station and is equipped with multiple frequency controlled pumps which maintain a preset level. Due to the changing global conditions and the constant battle against water in the Netherlands the upscaling of pump stations to meet current specifications are becoming a frequent necessity. The surrounding inhabitants and the contractor all rely on the quality of our equipment.


Toyo VH-A 2/03/2016


In excellent condition 16/02/2016

As one of the leading pump rental companies in the Netherlands and Belgium we know our way with submersible pumps. For abrasive slurry applications we rely on Toyo submersible pumps in our rental fleet. As the exclusive dealer for the Belgium market and the Netherlands we display the Toyo VH-A pump. This special type is designed with three outlets for pumping and mixing operations. These models can transport heavy slurries with densities of at least 1.25kg/dm3 and can handle solids contents reaching 55% by weight. Here we advised and supplied a Toyo VHA pump to a Belgium cement/stone factory.



As expected from a professional pump rental company, Rental Pumps carries out her own maintenance. We not only maintain our own pump fleet but also offer this service to customers. With our in house knowledge and well equipped workshops, complete with spray-paint booth, we can offer a complete overhaul. Here we showcase one of our 3” diesel driven BBA B70-MP30 pumps after a complete overhaul. This pump is 12 years old and after a complete overhaul looks like it has left the factory only yesterday. With an output of over 50m3/hr. and low weight it is still the GO-TO pump of many contractors.


Ballast Pumps 15/12/2015


Fire fight Pump 11/12/2015

Here we showcase 8 x 6” diesel driven BBA BA150E pumps in use at a ballasting operation. Our pumps are capable of delivering well over 400m³/hr., and are an essential part of this ballasting operation. The pumps are being used to raise or lower the barge by pumping water in or out of the barge. In this way the barge can be levelled to the key even when the heavy load is being transported on or off the barge.



One of our specialisms is to deliver, install and maintain custom temporary firefighting units. In this industrial environment we used a 450kW diesel driven pump capable of pumping 800m³/hr. at 140mwk. We also delivered measuring equipment for the pressure drop auto start function, external 3000ltr. fuel tank and priming pump. Together with our partner All Liquids Piping we installed the certified hoses and accessories. All the certified items are delivered with QR quick scan codes so the customer can easily check the validation of each certifcate.


Gabon 2/12/2015



Here we showcase one of our diesel driven pressure pumps on a job site in Gabon delivering 250m³/hr. at 8 Bar. A large Dutch contractor chose the reliable and quality equipment of Rental Pumps instead of local sources. At this dredging application we feed the dredging pump with jet water in order to get the right mixture of sand and water. High temperatures, salt water and abrasive sand are tough conditions for every pumps.