Support for the construction of the A24 motorway

A new motorway (A24) is being built in the western part of Rotterdam, near the city of Vlaardingen. Rental Pumps helped with the part of the project that was underwater.

18 maart 2021

18 maart 2021

Support with the A24

The highway (A24) is hidden in a sunken container, dives under the Aalkeetpolder through a land tunnel and through a deep tunnel under the river Het Scheur.

On the north side, the Blankenburg connection connects to the A20 via a recessed connection. On the south side, the new road connects to the A15 in a junction with a number of new flyovers. Some parts of the highway are being built underwater and rental pumps came around the corner.

In the project we use a pump with a 450kW diesel engine, sound dampened, with a power of about 1000m³/hour at 12Bar. In addition to the pump, Rental Pumps supplied the pipes, Dn250 electronic flow meter, installation and transport.

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