Dike Breaching test

We have shown it before in the past. Our pumps can be used for all sorts of different water based applications. Nowadays, water is not always a burden, with the persistant drought it is more and more a necessity in some areas and as shown here it can also be a tool. With this not so everyday utilization of 4 of our submersible pumps the Technische Universiteit Delft are performing a series of live dike breach tests. The installation is located at the testing facility of VPdelta+ and has a total output of more than 3600m³/hr., is electrical driven and frequency controlled for easy operation. PhD Researcher Mario van den Berg runs the „show” retrieving data with all sorts of flood defense monitoring sensors and ground-thruthing cameras. By comparing this data they are able to identify the point at which the dike breaches and observe how it progresses over time. Final goal is to be able to better predict dike breaching and ultimatley lower the risk of such an event. Important for us all!

23 juni 2022

23 juni 2022

Michael Gros

Manager International Rental

With over 20 years of experience in national and international pump rental, Michael specializes in complex pump solutions in construction, oil and gas, offshore, mining and municipal and industrial environments. He thinks out-of-the-box and is always focused on results.

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