Aeration of wastewater treatment plant

In most municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants aeration is part of the water treatment process. An evenly distributed supply of air in an aeration system is essential for an effective wastewater treatment and also fostering microbial growth. The efficiency of aeration depends on the amount of surface contact between air and water which is related to the air bubble size. Smaller bubbles have relatively more surface contact then bigger bubbles and are therefore more effective. And it is exactly that what brings to the table with their patented nano bubble generator technique. For a live test team #rentalpumps supplied a 55kW submersible pump capable of pumping well over 1000m³/hr. We simply pump water from the treatment basin through the nano bubble generator back into the basin. The live test will take several weeks, the general idea is that this system is more effective and energy friendly compared to traditional systems

10 augustus 2022

10 augustus 2022

Michael Gros

Manager International Rental

With over 20 years of experience in national and international pump rental, Michael specializes in complex pump solutions in construction, oil and gas, offshore, mining and municipal and industrial environments. He thinks out-of-the-box and is always focused on results.

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